Our Exhibitions

Each Society for Domestic Museology event is unique, but all of them follow the same general format. They often begin many months before an opening when we start a conversation with an artist about collaborating on an exhibition. We will invite them to our apartment to talk about the possibilities the space offers and then, if possible, I visit their studio.

From there, we work together to plan an installation and opening event that always includes some kind of conversation and a related food theme.  We have thrown a Victorian funeral dinner,  hosted an evening of interactive musical performance, and created a playground out of snack foods from the 1970s.  Although in some cases, I work with artists to select which work to hang, most of the time the artist chooses how they would like to alter our living space. Thus, there are times where we don’t see the work until it is hung in our apartment (sometimes just hours before the opening).  

On the appointed evening, guests arrive and have an hour or so to view the work and enjoy the food before we gather everyone together for the artists talk. This can be in the form of a slideshow presentation, an informal talk, or moderated discussion, which fosters a larger group conversation.  Then we serve dessert and the party continues.

Because our apartment can only accommodate about 25 people comfortably, these events are intimate and meant to forge connections between people. To attend is to be open to meeting someone new. To learn more about our past events, please see the links below.  If you would like to participate in this social experiment, as an artist, a guest or a host, please click here.

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