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The Society for Domestic Museology is a tiny art gallery comprising a single empty patch of wall in a New York City apartment occupied by a family of four. We have invited artists to take on the challenge of showing their work in this unconventional environment, under constraints of size, light and context not usually found in your typical gallery space. 

We begin each exhibition with an opening, inviting friends, colleagues and fellow art lovers to view the installation and hear the artist talk about his/her work. For the duration of the exhibition, we simply live with the work, occasionally inviting others to join us in appraising how it transforms our living space. As we are not open to the public, we will document our experience here.

The act of hanging work in this way starts conversations, and that is the point.  What happens when you re-think the walls of your living space? How does art change the room and vice versa. What is it like to live with something special and temporary?  And then there are the discussions that happen when people come together for an opening or a gallery talk.

The Society for Domestic Museology is a social experiment designed to bring people together around the idea that no matter how humble your space, when you seek out the artists among you, hang their art in your home and throw a party, something good will happen.