Andrew Zarou


Andrew Zarou is an artist and musician who has been working in a variety of media for more than two decades.  Whether using collage, found objects, sculpture, or pen and paper, at the core of his work lies the impulse to collect, organize and build. Driving this impulse is the tension between chaos and structure that is evident in his recent series of works on paper entitled, Force Multiplier.  He refers to his studio practice as "a balancing act between the physical manifestations of my core tendencies (repetition) and the spontaneous impulse for change (difference). Like the difference between climate and weather: climate being understood as the long-term trajectory of meteorological conditions, and weather as conditions of the immediate present, repetition and difference live inside and move around each other in my work."

At the Society for Domestic Museology, Zarou exhibited a single work that was the starting point for a collaboration with silkscreen printer, Kimberly Reinhardt, and with 33 sound artists.  Force Multiplier Audio is comprised of a drawing on graph paper, a screen print of the drawing (shown above), and 28 sound pieces composed in response to the image.  The resulting audio compilation showcases the wide range of ways this visual work can be interpreted as a musical score. Like the iterative variations found in Zarou's Force Multiplier notebook series, each two-minute sound piece starts from the same set of limitations and yet all end up in new territory.  Details from our close listening can be found here.


Andrew Zarou recieved his BA in studio art from Hampshire College in 1994 and works in Brooklyn, NY.  His work has been featured in several solo and group exhibitions, such as  Schema Projects, GRIDSPACE ,  Robert Henry Contemporary, Brooklyn Public Library and PS 1.  He received a grant from the Joan MItchell Foundation in 2008 and was an artist-in-residence at the Association of Icelandic Visual Artists in Reykjavic, Iceland in 2008, at the Atlantic Center for the Arts in 2009, and at Yaddo in 2010.  Andrew lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.



Opening & Art Talk - Nov 20, 2015

Force Multiplier Audio

November 20, 2015

Event Summary

The term synaesthesia refers to the neuropsychological trait in which the stimulation of one sense causes the automatic experience of another sense. It also is used to describe the deliberate connections between the various senses through artistic experimentation, most often linking the aural and the visual.  Kandinsky might be modern art history’s most well known practitioner of such Visual Music, a term coined by Roger Fry in 1912 to describe his paintings, connecting the formal elements of the visual arts — color, line, shape — with the formal elements of music — tone, harmony, rhythm.
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