Sina Basila

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Sina Basila is a Brooklyn based photographer and documentary filmmaker who focuses on social change through story telling and conceptual photography.  Her exhibition, Refashioned Garbage, is a photography series where wearable designs made from trash mimic high fashion garments. This mimicry disrupts the flow of consumption by flipping concepts of fashion and garbage. This series aspires to not only critiques fast industries but requires the viewer to take the time to make sense of the materials. To learn more about Sina's artwork, visit her website below.



Opening & Art Talk - Jul 13, 2017

Refashioned Garbage

July 13, 2017

Event Summary

Everyone knows about the 3 R’s — even the most willfully anti-environmentalist trash tosser knows the Holy Trinity of reduce, reuse, recycle. But artist Sina Basila is making a creative case for adding a fourth R, for refashion.

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