Lenore Kantor Tetkowski

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Lenore Kantor Tetkowski has been a fiber artist since she first sat at a loom in the early 1940's.  Over the past 70 years, she has produced a large body of work on a wide variety of looms ranging from simple cardboard devices to inkle looms to complex floor looms, never tiring of the infinite possibilities that the process of weaving provides. Over her long career as an art teacher, she has introduced hundreds of students to the tactile experience of handling yarn and the slow labor intensive process of weaving which stands in stark contrast to our high-speed digital world.  The Society of Domestic Museology is pleased to show two of her three-dimensional woven works.

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Opening & Art Talk - Jun 22, 2015

June 22, 2015

Event Summary

We have had the good fortune of living with a pair of three-dimensional woven wall hangings by the artist Lenore Kantor Tetkowski for the Spring season.  The pieces -- Boxes with a Twist (28 X 8 in, 2010) and Four Turning Strips (25 X 24 in, 2009), both double weave pick-up, perle cotton -- are powerful examples of Lenore’s lifetime devotion to the art and craft of weaving. And April's opening was a welcome chance to talk with Lee about technique, the tactile pleasure in fibers, the deliberative process of warping the loom and mapping out an artistic journey, and the metaphorical -- even metaphysical -- richness of this ancient art form.
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