The mission of the Society is to forge connections: between artists and viewers, between artwork and unconventional spaces, and—most importantly—between people.

We are convinced that by inviting friends and strangers alike into our temporarily transformed home to hear from artists about their practice, we are creating an analog remedy to counter the speed and superficiality of this digital era. In the years that we have been living with a rotating installation of art, we have come to view our home differently, took look more closely what surrounds us each day. This project has also resulted in the creation of a wider community of artists and art-lovers who appreciate thoughtful and sustained conversation about ideas. We believe that contemporary art is more richly experienced when you are engaged in conversation and we see all participants in our salons as partners in this social collaboration.


Who We Are

Heather Topcik

Heather Topcik

Heather Topcik is the founder, facilitator and chief curator of Society for Domestic Museology. Initially inspired by the problem of what to hang on a blank patch of wall in the Hell’s Kitchen apartment she shares with her husband and two children, she conceived and launched Domestic Museology with a vision for transforming domestic space into a communal exhibition and discussion venue for contemporary arts and ideas.

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OUR Community


While the focus is on bringing people together in-person and in real time, this website will function as the digital archive of our activities. Here, you can learn about the artists we have hosted, find out about our events, sign up for our mailing list and even become a card-carrying member of the society. Join us!
The revolution begins in the living room.


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