Coming Soon: Neil Tetkowski's "Flip Phone" / by Heather Topcik

Tonight we will open our newest exhibition by artist Neil Tetkowski, entitled Flip Phone.  It will consist of a piece of sculpture that he will hang on our wall alongside a more conceptual installation that will involve all of tonights guests - but they don't know about that yet.  In fact, I just saw the piece for the first time last night and learned more about what will transpire this evening.  The surprise aspect to this project is turning out to be one of my favorite parts.  When we ask people to participate, we don't have any guidelines or expectations, the wall  - and the evening - belongs to the artist.  

The invitation is a photo of another piece of Neil's that he gifted to us from his series, Oil and Water. The whole beautiful series is documented in this online book that, as he says, will look great on your iPad.  So get to it!

Looking forward this next phase of domestic museology and will report back soon!