The Society of Domestic Museology is a collaborative, social and artistic experiment, designed to bring people together to discuss art and ideas at home.

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Over the past four years, we have hosted over 15 artists, who have installed their work in our apartment, temporarily transforming our domestic space into a quasi-public forum of sorts. To mark the beginning of each exhibition, we hold an informal salon, where participants have a chance to hear artists and makers talk about their practice in the kind of sustained, intimate conversation you don’t normally find in a traditional gallery setting. We believe that contemporary art is more richly experienced when you are engaged in conversation and we see all participants in our salons as partners in this social collaboration.



Julia Jacquette: Playground of my Mind

With their meticulous brushwork and keen observation, Julia’s paintings explore the uneasy marriage of longing and anxiety...

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Our Events

The Society for Domestic Museology events bring people together to discuss art and ideas at home.



We are always looking for kindred spirits who want to join the conversation around art and ideas.