Do you sell artwork?

At the moment, the Society is focused on bringing people together, in homes, to meet artists and learn about their work. While much of the work on display is for sale, we are not a gallery, but will happily connect you with artists at any time if you are interested in purchasing work.

How does your curatorial process work?

The process of curating our domestic gallery is collaborative.  It starts with inviting an artist to our home (usually for tea, sometimes dinner) to show them our home and imagine ways their work could be integrated into it.  We usually then ask the artist to decide how s/he would like to present the work and leave the decisions up to them.  There have been times where we haven’t seen any of the work until the day it’s installed (sometimes just an hour or so before the opening!), or times where we choose work together. For our part, we devise a menu that has some relation to the work being shown.

How do I sign up for your events?

The first step is to join our mailing list! All news and upcoming events will be updated there. As space is limited for each event, priority will be given to members.

I am an artist. What is the criteria for participation?

The main criteria is that you are open to hanging your work in a domestic space and having a conversation about it!  Each artist usually gives a short presentation (or we have a moderated discussion), followed by a conversation. Outside of a studio visit, it’s a wonderful way to have a sustained conversation about what you do. More details here!

If I can’t come to one of your events, can I still come see the work in your home?

Yes! We are open by appointment. Keep in mind we are two working parents with children (which really puts the domestic in Domestic Museology).

How long does each exhibition last?

Each exhibition depends on the artist. Some have only lasted one evening, while many let us keep their work for a few months (which we prefer!)

Do you serve food at your events?

Yes! One of the hallmarks of our openings is our attempt to interpret the artwork in food, so the theme of each opening is different. We have held a Victorian Feast, Created a food playground, an interpreted the Golden Ratio in crudite.  Admittedly, sometimes the connections are very vague, but always delicious.